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About Us!

Sharda Development & Environment Coordination Committee (SDECC), Singrauli is a nonprofit organization based a Singrauli, Madhya Pradesh. SDECC has been working towards its mission of providing a hazardless and pollution free environment in the area since last 4 years. The organization has done various activities in past and is continuously working towards making a environment friendly developed society.

Our team members are from different fields and they bring huge expertise from their respective areas of operation. This helps us in understanding the problems with proper analytics and the exact solution for it in a better way.  We have done various critical projects for the society in a simplified manner.

We are registered under section 80 G and 12 A.

Recently Sharda Development & Environment Coordination Committee (SDECC), has started a division to skill people and recycle of waste material (woods, polythene, garbage, plastic bottle etc.) of the industries and of the society.  Our aim to start this division with the purpose of providing a better environment by recycling the waste materials and providing employment opportunities and self employment opportunities to youth involved.